Application Centric Security with Nutanix Flow

Visibility, policy-based microsegmentation, security and network automation

The network is the foundation for the connected enterprise. With increasing application complexity, driven by distributed services and rapid growth in SaaS and cloud-based offerings, the need to easily visualize, analyze and govern network communications becomes even more critical.

Nutanix Flow delivers advanced networking and security services, providing visibility into the virtual network, application-centric protection from network threats and automation of common networking operations.

Fully integrated into Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS and Nutanix AHV virtualization, Flow allows organizations to deploy software-defined virtual networking without the complexity of installing and managing additional products with separate management and independent software maintenance requirements.

Download this tech note to learn more about:

  • Visualizing complex application interactions
  • Using microsegmentation to secure applications
  • How service insertion and automation can enhance network operations