Federal IT in the Cloud:
From Hyperconverged Infrastructure to Hyperconverged Clouds

Two years into the post-Cloud First era, it’s clear U.S. federal agencies have adopted cloud with varying degrees of sophistication and success. The data from our most recent study shows that nearly half of agencies are relying on hybrid or multi-cloud models. Different factors necessitated this – diverse missions, varying security requirements for different uses, and diverse sources of funding were the easiest to identify. Does this mean we traded legacy silos for virtual ones? Not quite, as it would be next to impossible to justify a one-size-fits-all approach for a federal agency due to those factors stated. The questions we need to answer in the post-Cloud First era are:

  • When and where does renting or owning compute resources make the most sense?
  • How can we better manage/secure/optimize IT infrastructure resources?
  • How do we prioritize the more strategic, mission-critical elements of IT – the applications – to deliver greater value to users and the mission?