Nutanix Managed Service Provider Program

The managed services world has transformed over the past decade. The industry has grown from basic data center co-location services to ubiquitous cloud services. The move to hosted and hybrid solutions has created an incredible opportunity for service providers who deliver services on the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform.

Nutanix X-Powered Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are companies that build and sell managed or co-located services based on Nutanix technologies. Your clients enjoy the advanced capabilities of the Nutanix web-scale architecture as well as the reduced cost, predictability and scaling benefits expected from a hosted solution. architecture as well as the reduced cost, predictability and scaling benefits expected from a hosted solution.


Not all vendors see Service Providers as a channel. We do! We are so aligned with SP business objectives that we have developed a program specifically for you. As a Nutanix MSP, you not only get the perks usually reserved for service providers, but you also get to leverage programs and benefits generally reserved for traditional resellers.

The Nutanix Partner Network (NPN) Managed Service Provider Program delivers benefits, incentives and sales resources designed to help you drive new opportunities and increase your profitability when selling Nutanix solutions and services. As an X-Powered MSP, you can take advantage of exceptional sales and technical training, marketing and sales tools, and sales and technical support which enable you to offer valued expertise to your customers.

Nutanix is committed to offering our X-Powered Service Providers the most robust benefits and incentives as well as ensuring we are easy to do business with, paving the way for greater mutual success. Our deal registration platform, online Partner Portal and simplified bill of materials (BOMs) are just some of the ways we are working to make the program benefits more accessible and easy to manage.

As a NPN Managed Service Provider, you can create differentiated and profitable services, reduce your TCO and receive full infrastructure support while taking advantage of competitive discounts and incentives to build a sustainable Nutanix practice.

Nutanix X-Powered Services

Nutanix X-Powered for Managed Service Providers brings the agility and scalability advantages of the web-scale Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform — the same infrastructure that thousands of enterprise customers rely on — to your customers, increasing application service levels and reducing your risk.

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