Acropolis-dr DR Orchestration

Ability to protect all your applications - even your most mission-critical ones - with the RPO and RTO your business requires

Disaster Recovery

Nutanix provides both asynchronous and synchronous replication options to support infrastructure recovery as part of a complete business continuity plan. With these integrated and simple-to-use capabilities, many Nutanix customers find they are able to provide online DR for many more applications than they could in the past.

Metro Availability

Metro Availability synchronously replicates your most mission-critical applications and data to another site, ensuring that a full, real-time copy exists in each location. VMs can migrate or failover from a primary site to a secondary site in case of planned or unplanned outages, guaranteeing near-100% uptime for applications and zero data loss.

Continuous Availability

Synchronous replication ensures continuous availability of data and business-critical applications during disasters and planned maintenance.

One-click Failover

Simple and intuitive management that can be set up with a few simple steps, and failover that can be initiated with a single click.

Bi-directional Replication

Metro Availability can be set up bi-directionally between two sites connected over a metro area network with a round trip latency of less than five milliseconds

Non-disruptive Migrations

Virtualization teams can non-disruptively migrate virtual machines between sites, providing continuous data protection with zero (RPO) and near zero (RTO).

Recovery Plans

Nutanix DR now supports Recovery Plans – these are routines or steps that tell the system how to restart a particular application in a particular data center. So your Recovery Plan will contain information like: the boot order for your application’s VMs and whether there are dependencies between certain groups of VMs within the application. Recovery Plan also manages VM IP addresses: whether these are dynamic or static, we will assign IP addresses to VMs as mapped by the user for all failover workflows, planned or unplanned. You can further test these Recovery Plans for business continuity and generate recovery reports on system bring-up for compliance.

Async Replication

Policy-based replication that is highly optimized for bandwidth usage. The replication supports cross-hypervisor, multi-site, and multi-topology replication. (RPO - RTO) /(minutes - minutes)

Protection for all applications

Async replication provides protection for all application including your mission-critical apps. Secure your applications and data with minimal data loss in case of a disaster, and provide you with more granular control during the restore process.

Simple setup

This solution delivers easy and intuitive workflows for setup, monitoring and failover events.

Freedom from latency & distance

Async replication has No latency or distance requirements and allows resolution to a disaster event in minutes.


NearSync replication allows for RPOs as low as one minute for protecting your mission-critical applications. By leveraging Nutanix Light Weight Snapshots (LWS), NearSync supports more granular restore capabilities while leveraging the existing DR workflows in Prism. NearSync is supported with vSphere and AHV. There are no restrictions on latency or distance. 

Highly Efficient

Near Sync technology is continuous and efficient on-the-wire transfers and extremely simple to setup and failover.

Minimal data loss

Highly granular restore capabilities – you chose which point in time to use for recovery. Thus it is capable of minimal data loss in case of disaster.

Interested in DR without the need for dedicated secondary site?

Interested in DR without the need for dedicated secondary site?
Learn more in our Xi Leap page