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Scalable, secure, enterprise-grade, S3-compatible object storage in a multi-cloud era

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Nutanix Buckets™ is a software-defined object storage solution that non-disruptively scales-out while lowering overall costs. It's designed with an S3-compatible REST API interface to handle terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data. Buckets natively includes erasure coding, compression, and deduplication to optimize capacity utilization. It's deployed and managed as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS, reducing the need for additional storage silos.

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Use Cases

Data Protection (Long Term Retention & Backup)

Protect your data with a simple, scalable and cost-effective active archive solution. Utilize built-in object versioning for deeper storage protection and search your data without the hassle of tape systems.


Use a single global namespace to “PUT” and “GET” objects with over the network HTTP commands. Integrate REST API calls within your programs or scripts without tracking complex directory structures. DevOps and IT Ops can simply leverage an S3-compatible interface for cross-geo, cross-team collaboration and agile development.

Complete Storage Lifecycle

Deploy with Ease

Create a single globally accessible namespace that’s software-defined within seconds. It’s that quick and simple from the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS.

Stay Informed

Monitor object distribution, performance, and user access from a single intelligent management plane.

Optimize Storage Tiers

Continually free up expensive storage tiers and scale from terabytes to petabytes while keeping costs in control

Simplified Troubleshooting with Expert Support

Lean on a global support team with an average of 10+ years of experience, and multiple certifications across different technical specialties across the entire infrastructure stack.

Buckets Key Features

WORM Buckets

Meet regulatory compliance for Healthcare, Financial, and Government sectors by enabling Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) buckets so your data is not overwritten.

Object Versioning

Create copies of objects and protect your data from accidentally overwriting or deleting it.

Object Tagging

Quickly identify objects by tagging them. Tag objects based on projects, compliance and more.

Petabyte Support

Start small and scale to petabytes with proven webscale engineering, delivering great performance at scale.

Multi-part Upload

Reduce slow upload times by breaking data into “chunks” and quickly upload documents, images, videos and more to global namespace.

Enterprise Grade Data Services

Erasure Coding

A mathematical function is applied around a data set to calculate parity blocks, used to recover data in the event of a failure. This patent-pending algorithm distributes coding and rebuilds across the entire cluster to reduce vulnerability windows in the event of failures, and maintains data locality.

Enterprise Grade Resiliency

Developed from the ground up to provide best-in-class resiliency that keeps applications running irrespective of underlying hardware and software failures. Availability domains for rack-aware fault tolerance, metadata consistency and reliability, and holistic cluster health alerts are just a few features to keep applications available.


Data compression inline or post-process with a series of MapReduce jobs eliminating impacts on write path performance.

Securely Store Your Data

Security Development Lifecycle

Security is incorporated into every step of the product development lifecycle and covers the entire hyperconverged infrastructure stack, including storage, virtualization, and management.

Data at Rest Encryption

Nutanix encrypts user and application data to a level of FIPS 140-2 compliance through software or hardware based encryption, and meets HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX standards.

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