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Multi-Cloud Optimization to Reduce Cost & Enhance Cloud Security

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Simplify Multi-Cloud Optimization & Management

Beam is a multi-cloud optimization service delivered as part of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS. Beam provides organizations with deep visibility and rich analytics detailing cloud consumption patterns, along with one-click cost optimization across their cloud environments.

Cloud Confidence

Beam provides you deep visibility into your multi-cloud environment and ability to optimize cloud with one-click. Beam identifies underutilized and unused cloud services and provides convenient single click remediation suggestions, empowering cloud operators to realize cost savings immediately. With Beam, you can set policies that continuously maintain high levels of cloud cost efficiency.

One-Click Fix

Realize cloud cost savings by eliminating or right-sizing unused and underutilized resources

Intelligent Cloud Optimization

Go beyond basic cloud analytics with machine-intelligence based recommendations that optimize cloud cost

Unified Cost Visibility

Get the power of a single, custom dashboard to manage your clouds across the enterprise

Cloud Control

Visualize and control consumption of cloud resources across departments and groups, and enforce policies based on allocated budgets. Beam provides cloud operators and business owners with appropriate tools and controls to track all cloud spend, map consumption to business units and enhance cloud optimization.

Cloud Accountability

Drive accountability by identifying which teams are driving cloud spend and ensure owners make data-driven decisions that balance needs and cost

Granular Budgeting

Configure cost-centers and budgets for multiple departments and enforce policies based on allocated budgets

Cloud Cost Control

Empower cloud teams to manage their own spend by providing simple access to usage and cost

Cloud Convenience

Planning cloud consumption is a critical component of cloud optimization and improving Cloud ROI. But various consumption models across multiple clouds make effective decision-making challenging. Beam utilizes machine-intelligence to evaluate alternatives and provides recommendations based on your usage and growth patterns.

Multi-Cloud Savings

Turn complex planning into simple decisions that drive significant savings on your cloud spend

Proactive Utilization Planning

Get ongoing recommendations for your cloud investments, optimizing overall IT consumption planning

Intelligent Purchase Recommendations

Get proactive recommendations powered by Beam’s machine-intelligence to improve your cloud ROI

Cloud Compliance

Continuous cloud security and compliance for multi-cloud environment with one-click remediation for cloud vulnerabilities. Beam provides insights into cloud compliance and security vulnerabilities in real-time so that you can resolve potential threats before they turn into business challenges.

One-Click Remediation

Identify real-time security and compliance vulnerabilities, classify based on severity and remediate with click-to-fix

Policy Based Compliance

Certify and maintain cloud security compliance for HIPAA, ISO, PCI-DSS, CIS, NiST and SOC-2 by enforcing standard or custom policies

Security Checks

Maintain continuous security compliance with 250+ cloud security checks for business applications


Companies trust Beam to manage, optimize and govern their cloud infrastructure. To experience what it can do for your cloud, test drive Beam today!

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Annual Public Cloud Usage Report 2017

Nutanix Annual Public Cloud Usage Report 2017 provides detailed statistics on public cloud adoption and usage trends by businesses of all sizes. These insights are based on $1 billion of cloud spend managed by Beam for their customers.

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