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Built for the Cloud

Frame is a unique desktop-as-a-service platform built from scratch specifically for cloud deployment. Experience the only infrastructure-independent platform for delivering applications and desktops without cloud lock-in.

Consumer-grade Simplicity

Frame gives you everything you need to deliver desktops and applications, including integrations with popular identity, network, and storage solutions from leading vendors. Run client software in any HTML5-capable browser, with no proprietary client.

Security First

Run workloads in a cloud that meets the most stringent security demands, including an isolated government-only cloud for government organizations handling sensitive, highly regulated information.

Freedom of Choice

Run what you want to, on what you want to. The choice is yours when it comes to public cloud providers (including AWS and Azure), and delivering Windows or Linux-based applications and desktop environments.

Elastic by Design

Innovative auto-scale functionality provides the best performance for the lowest possible cost, at any scale VDI deployment.

Frame is the only true pay-as-you-go end-user computing cloud platform—meaning you're only charged for infrastructure that you actually use.

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