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A New Approach to AI

Traditional IT infrastructure is ill-suited to address the needs of growing AI problems. To support highly complex Artificial Intelligence use cases, organizations need an agile IT infrastructure that is quick to start, simple to scale, and fully built with data services fit for the needs of software developers and data scientists. Nutanix’s approach is ideal for reducing complexity, improving data security, and eliminating bottlenecks in your AI initiatives.

Powerful Data Protection and Availability

Nutanix web-scale solutions ensure AI workloads are kept running and protected. With linear scaling and high performance for both random read/write and sequential storage operations, a single Nutanix appliance can support multiple DGX-1 Systems simultaneously with terabytes of active data.

Maximize Uptime

Ensure data availability, integrity, and consistency during planned and unplanned events.


Leverage a software-defined architecture for greater flexibility while supporting enterprise feature sets.

Easy Backup, Restore, and DR

Leverage native capabilities to simplify DR and provide self-service restore to give data scientists the ability to restore files in minutes for better productivity.

Disaster Recovery for AI

Native data protection tools provide business continuity for AI applications.

Fused Distributed Architectures

A distributed storage platform that coincides with open-source distributed AI frameworks.

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for AI

Nutanix partnered with NVIDIA and Mellanox to design, test, and validate a reference architecture capable of taking on the world’s toughest deep-learning problems.

Efficient Operations and Simplified Management

Less Rack Space

Consolidate your AI along with your business-critical applications into a single platform.

Simplify Troubleshooting

End-to-end insight into VMs, compute, networking, and storage reduces time-to-resolution to hours or even minutes.

Simplify Networking

One-click networking with Mellanox Neo lets you perform advanced Day-2 operational networking configurations.

Linear Scaling

Scale DGX-1, Scale Nutanix, or Scale Mellanox linearly.

Accelerate Dev-Ops with Extensibility

Greatly speed development operations with NVIDIA GPU Cloud and powerful API’s from Nutanix.

Security at the Forefront

Native tools protect sensitive AI data and proprietary information without impacting performance.

Hardware Components

Nutanix has partnered with NVIDIA and Mellanox to build and validate a reference architecture to assist customers with the planning and deployment of their AI infrastructure.

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