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High performance SAP HANA® and NetWeaver® Certified platform

Consolidate all aspects of your SAP® landscapes using certified solutions that maintain mission critical availability and speed time to value.

With on-demand, linear scaling, and high performance for both random read/write and sequential storage operations, the hyperconverged infrastructure-based Nutanix Enterprise Cloud can simultaneously support transactional and analytical SAP workloads with terabytes of active data. It is certified for production SAP HANA and NetWeaver environments, including S/4HANA application servers and, if you’re not a SAP HANA customer yet, your existing RDBMS databases.


SAP landscapes, including HANA databases, are ideal candidates for virtualization in a web-scale private cloud environment. Learn how to gain benefits such as the ability to rapidly deploy and adapt to changing performance and data growth needs, gain insights into the whole infrastructure environment in one consolidated location for easier troubleshooting, and simplify day-2 operations so you can focus on applications and innovating to meet business needs.

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Powerful data protection and high availability

Nutanix web-scale solutions ensure SAP landscapes are kept running and well protected with advanced capabilities. 

Maximize Uptime

Ensure availability with application-consistent backups, simplified recovery, and non-disruptive operations.

Deliver Excellent Performance

Support SAP HANA instances and large analytical and transactional databases with terabytes of active data, without overprovisioning to maintain long-term performance.

Backup and Restore Easily

Take near-instantaneous local and remote application-consistent backups, and simplify application and database restores.

Choose Your Hypervisor

Run SAP Classic landscapes on your choice of virtualization environments, including AHV, vSphere, and Hyper-V.

Leverage Advanced Capabilities

Data integrity checks, tunable redundancy, data path redundancy, replication and more features provide robust data protection.

“We haven’t found any workload that doesn’t run better on the Nutanix platform. As a result, we are exiting the traditional SAN environment over time as we end- of-life our current platforms and tear out the Fibre Channel infrastructure. We plan to be a Nutanix-only shop going forward—I see no reason to use anything else.”

Chris Cate, EVP and CIO

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Efficient operations and simplified management

Simplify performance troubleshooting with end-to-end visibility and intuitive consumer-grade management, and significantly reduce capital investment and physical footprint.

Use Up To 80% Less Space

Eliminate under-utilized silos and consolidate all SAP NetWeaver landscapes onto a single dense platform.

Speed Time to Market (Value)

Roll-out new modules and capacity faster and quickly clone and deploy new dev and test environments without worrying about copying data.

Simplify Performance Troubleshooting

End-to-end insight into the VMs, compute and storage reduces time-to-resolution to minutes and hours.

Accelerate Development Cycles

Give developers their own copies of production databases and automate QA/testing using PowerShell scripts and REST APIs.

Scale Predictably

Eliminate forklift upgrades and disruptive data migrations, scaling easily to accommodate database performance and growth.

Leverage Joint Support

Nutanix and SAP have a collaborative technical support agreement, enabling a seamless experience from setup to optimization to troubleshooting.

Certified solutions

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud and Nutanix AHV are certified for SAP HANA databases and SAP NetWeaver applications and relational databases. It is the first hyperconverged infrastructure certified for both SAP HANA and the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform.

The following configurations of the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform have been validated and certified for running SAP NetWeaver solutions.

  • NX-9000 Series
  • NX-8000 Series
  • NX-6000 Series
  • NX-3000 Series
  • NX-1000 Series
  • Lenovo HX 3000 Series
  • Lenovo HX 5000 Series
  • Lenovo HX 7000 Series
  • Dell XC600 Series
  • Dell XC700 Series
  • Dell XC900 Series
  • Dell XC6000 Series

SAP has supported virtualization since 2011 for specific virtualization products listed for use with SAP software in SAP Note 1492000.

  • For details on SAP on Nutanix, including support and configuration information, see SAP Note 2428012.
  • For Linux distributions, see SAP Note 1122387.
  • For VMware vSphere 5.x, see SAP Note 1122388.

SAP HANA Production Availability

Nutanix AHV hypervisor and Enterprise Cloud OS software is certified for production SAP HANA deployments. Lenovo and other Nutanix partners are working to certify their respective Skylake-based hardware platforms to run SAP HANA with Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software with AHV. Once complete, Nutanix expects production solutions for SAP HANA to be generally available later in the year through these partners.

For SAP support information and verification, see the SAP note 2686722 - SAP HANA virtualized on Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor.

Nutanix platforms use Intel® Processors in state of the art solutions delivering excellent performance for demanding workloads.

Contact us at if you want to run SAP applications on a non-listed model, or in combination with a non-listed Linux distribution or version, or if you have any other question related to running SAP on Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.


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